Copywriters …

Let’s face it. If making great money as a copywriter was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

We copywriters tend to approach the craft like most people go to the gym. We keep at it regularly, get some good tips here and there, and make slow, steady progress. Nothing wrong with taking that route.

Personal training: the faster way.

Let me ask you. Whether it’s working out or copywriting, when you’re on your own do you …

  • Push yourself as hard as you would with a personal trainer?
  • Get objective feedback on a regular basis?
  • Have someone to bounce ideas off of at any time?
  • Feel accountable to someone besides yourself and your family?
  • Stretch yourself to amazing new heights?
  • Regularly take on challenging projects outside of your comfort zone?
  • Improve constantly, year after year?

If you do, you’re a rare breed and I applaud you.

If not, you’re more like the rest of us.

I created the Copywriter Café to provide you with one-on-one copywriting training. It’s designed to get you to the next level (whatever that is for you) faster. 

Ready to go from working out on your own to having your own personal trainer?

We have a table waiting for you at the Café. Come on in, stay a while, and let’s make some big things happen together.

Read The Café Story here to get the back story, or go straight to the On The Menu tab to get started.