The Ultimate Writing Retreat™ Santa Fe

Your most productive three days of writing ever. Guaranteed.

Santa Fe, a perfect location for the first Ultimate Writing Retreat for copywriters

You are cordially invited to the Santa Fe Ultimate Writing Retreat™ …

“I got my business planned, my website re-designed, and re-branded my business. Thanks, Steve. The Ultimate Writing Retreat over-delivered.”          

– Shawn Maus, attendee at the Chicago Ultimate Writing Retreat™

Can a writing retreat really transform your writing, your business, and your life in three days?

If you’re with the right people in the right place, most definitely.

Steve Roller here with a personal invitation. Please join me and a small group of other writers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 25-28, 2013, for a writing retreat unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

If you are …

  • Tired of working hard really hard without enough to show for it …
  • Feeling like you should be making more money with your writing but don’t know exactly how… 
  • Uncertain of what niche to launch full steam ahead with …
  • Talented and just need to attract more clients …
  • Eager and ready to go to the next level with your writing business …
  • And expecting to make anywhere from $75,000 to $250,000 a year in the next few years …

Then the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ in Santa Fe, New Mexico, could be just the thing for you.

First, let me say that this isn’t your typical writer’s conference, and it’s not for everyone.


La Fonda Santa Fe


This is for copywriters, not novelists and poets (just to be clear.)

It’s for people like you who want to make a lot of money from your persuasive writing skills. Build a freelance copywriting business where a steady stream of clients come to you. Maybe write a non-fiction book, an information product, or a money-making website, and use your copywriting skills to launch it and get huge.

This isn’t a superstar guru conference where you’re in the audience taking notes like crazy. It’s not a mega-event with hundreds of people, where you try to soak in as much as you can, but need three weeks to sort it all out and digest it when you get home.

Those type of seminars are great, and I attend a lot of them myself, but this isn’t like that.

The Ultimate Writing Retreat™ is an intimate gathering of like-minded, ambitious copywriters. A chance to come together, improve copywriting skills, and learn new marketing ideas. Perhaps most important, get individual and small-group feedback, and a detailed plan to move forward and start making the kind of money you deserve.

This 69-second “movie trailer” will give you a taste of what you’ll experience when you come to Santa Fe:



My goal is to see you succeed wildly as a writer, plain and simple.

“Fine,” you say. “How is this going to help me do that?”

I’ll let some attendees from the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ Chicago tell you themselves. These were comments from during and right after the retreat:

“The Ultimate Writing Retreat more than exceeded expectations. Don’t miss this opportunity.”     – Cyndi Fine

“I feel like I’m sitting with Aristotle and Socrates. The ability to sit with a small group of people and solve problems is huge.”               – Shawn Maus

“The Ultimate Writing Retreat was the perfect time away to write, reflect, and re-invigorate with some great goals and a killer action plan.”                  – Jessica M.H. Smith

Even more exciting? What happened after the retreat. In early August, Lori VanNatta wrote:

“Before the Ultimate Writing Retreat in Chicago, I had no website and only had one client. My freelance business was more of a dream than a goal. I had no direction, only a wish and a URL.

“The small group at the Ultimate Writing Retreat made it comfortable to share openly. Feedback and brainstorming flowed effortlessly. Through the writing exercises, I quickly realized the best direction to take my business. With focus came the belief that I have what it takes to be successful! I left Chicago with a clear direction for my business and a prioritized list of the steps needed to make my business a reality.

“Six weeks after the Ultimate Writing Retreat, I have a website and two new clients! My first retainer check arrived in today’s mail and I am excited about my new career!”

Ed Estlow, a more experienced writer, had always considered himself a B2B copywriter, but never completely cranked in that niche. He says:

“Being with Steve and the crew for three days immensely clarified things for me.

“One short statement Steve said to me rocked me back on my heels on one hand, and on the other hand freed me from the work I thought I should be doing so I can do the work I’m supposed to be doing.

“Writing articles (about watches and fly fishing gear) has really taken off for me. I’m also writing for a second blog now.

“So much work, I’m not sure if I’ll get around to copywriting!”

Ed’s a modest guy, and what he didn’t say is that he also just enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to go fly fishing out in Colorado. All he has to do is test the equipment and write about it for his client.

Next up? More “glicken” for Ed …

“Gear Patrol has asked me to start writing about cars in addition to my watch stuff. I’m off to Michigan week after next to drive Toyotas and San Diego in September to drive Mazdas.

“Your Ultimate Writing Retreat helped me figure it all out.”

Will you have these same kind of experiences? If you put what you learn into action, absolutely. And I can promise you this:

Join us in Santa Fe and you will take your writing, your business, and your life to a whole new level. The Ultimate Writing Retreat™  will be your three most productive days of writing ever. Guaranteed.

Ready to rock the rest of this year and roll into 2014 on a high note?

Ballen Boardroom

Six spots are already taken, and I’m only accepting 10 people total for this retreat. I’m anticipating it will fill up fast, so don’t wait.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the cost, too. Most big conferences run anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 for three days, and they’re well worth it in my opinion.

This is a little different. I don’t have the expense of securing a huge ballroom. I also benefit from a lot of word-of-mouth advertising, minimal marketing expenses, and the low overhead of a one-man operation (so far.)

You get three full days of writing immersion and top-notch instruction, feedback, and critiques. Plus some serious brainstorming, “creative instigating,” and powerhouse copywriting ideas in a small-group setting. There’s no substitute for this kind of energy!

Here’s where it gets even better.

As some of you know, I’ve stopped offering new Espresso Memberships until at least November because I’m at full capacity.

The only way to get on the inside of the Copywriter Café now is by coming to the Ultimate Writing Retreat™. By doing so, you automatically get three bonus months of Espresso Membership FREE (a $90 value), which starts now, the day you register for the retreat.

That means a monthly one-on-one phone call with me (at least one before the retreat and two after), and a monthly copy critique. You also two extended personal conferences (a $300 value) over the 60 days following the retreat.

I want you to leverage this retreat into bigger income fast. 

The Early Bird price good until September 7 is only $687 or three monthly payments of $240. You save $100 AND you get $390 in free bonuses.

After September 7 the price goes up to $787 if any of the four spots are left.

Registration is simple and only takes two minutes:

Retreat Options

Are you starting to see that the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ Santa Fe is not your typical writing or copywriting conference?

More on the retreat content in a minute. But first …

I have secured meeting space and a block of rooms (for a very limited time) at La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe’s oldest, best-known hotel.

 Santa Fe7 Santa Fe8


La Fonda on the Plaza has set the standard for elegant accommodations since the early 1900s, and they just finished a complete renovation.

The legendary Santa Fe Trail ends at La Fonda, and the lobby is still considered the “crossroads” of Santa Fe. Located in the historic heart of the city across from the 1887 St. Francis Cathedral Basilica, La Fonda has long been the destination of discriminating travelers.

Santa Fe6 Santa Fe11


And did you know? Santa Fe has been honored by UNESCO as a “creative city” (perfect for a writing retreat, wouldn’t you say?) – one of only nine in the world

No sterile hotel meeting rooms here. Everything about the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ has been designed for maximum inspiration, creativity, and productivity.


You’ll get to know your fellow retreat members well (and knowing the writers who have registered so far, I can tell you that you’ll really enjoy them, too.) I’m anticipating a sense of camaraderie that will extend beyond the three days in Santa Fe together.

This small group, intimate setting can be a launching place and time for big things to come.

This retreat is capped at ten people because that’s how many the Ballen Boardroom holds. Also, the room block I have reserved is the last group of rooms available during these dates at La Fonda (or just about anywhere in Santa Fe, since the Wine and Chile Festival is also going on at the same time.)

The fact is, Santa Fe is one of the country’s, and actually one of the world’s great centers for the arts, as well as being known for its fine restaurants, hotels, resorts, and spas.

What better place to launch the Ultimate Writing Retreat™, right?

The destination alone is worth making the trek to the Land of Enchantment. The main purpose in gathering here, though, is to help you become a better copywriter, a higher-paid copywriter, and a published copywriter.

If you’re already published, you’ll take away ideas that will help you sell more books and gain more publicity and recognition.

Come with an open mind and either a current writing project or an idea. It could be a copywriting project for a client, your own ebook, a rewrite of your website, a special report, a non-fiction book, or a money-making website.

Return home from Santa Fe with a guidebook for commanding higher fees, a framed-out project (quite possibly the bulk of it done), and the skills, tools, and resources to take your writing business to the next level fast.

Here’s a sampling of some of the workshop sessions we’ll be diving into:

  • Why storytellers make better copywriters – and how to become one
  • Where to find unique sources of inspiration
  • 5 offbeat steps to becoming an in-demand, well-paid copywriter
  • A writing lesson from an unlikely source: how to go “deeper” with your writing
  • How to kick start your brain to generate better ideas
  • The art of selling and positioning for creative types – these two tips will help you get paid what you’re worth
  • How to maximize your writing regimen: the key to doing more of your best work in less time
  • The better way to land more of the projects you want

… and much more.

Bottom line: The Santa Fe Ultimate Writing Retreat™ will infuse you with new ideas to get you thinking bigger, and techniques and tips to not only make you a stronger and faster copywriter, but a better writer, period.

This will be the most productive three days of writing you’ve ever had. Guaranteed.

“You won’t believe what you’ll get out of this retreat. You may be hesitant because you won’t know some of the attendees, or you’re fearful about opening up about your lack of business or writing.

“I can tell you this will cure that for you. I have made new friends, learned awesome new techniques, got clarification on my writing, and encouragement that astounded me. I am forever grateful for this experience.

“You don’t need the ‘big box’ conferences to help you. You NEED this kind of small retreat to jump-start, re-kindle, clarify, improve, and invest in your writing dreams and career.”

– Shawn Maus

Again, there are only four spots left, so go here and register. Then come back and check out the itinerary and information about Santa Fe below.

Retreat Options

Ultimate Writing Retreat™ Itinerary

Full detailed itinerary will be sent to you before the retreat. This is a rough outline:

Wednesday, September 25

We’ll have a “Meet and Greet” with complimentary food and drink starting at 6 PM. Come earlier if you want to hang out and talk shop – I’ll be coming in early Tuesday afternoon.

Evening kick-off session (I told you this wasn’t a typical conference – we’ll be writing and doing things at odd hours.)

Thursday, September 26 and Friday, September 27

For early risers, join me at the Plaza for a really early writing session.

Then breakfast, followed by morning workshops, lunch or a café run to the Plaza, and a quick gallery stop.

Afternoon writing lessons and exercises. Time for individual writing and copy critiques.

Side excursion, dinner, one-on-one strategic planning time.

Evening workshop time and surprise activity.

Saturday, September 28

Send-off breakfast provided

Writing, reviews, one or two more sessions.

Wrap-up and send-off.

Finish by noon, with some of us sticking around longer to hang out,  explore Santa Fe, and enjoy the Wine & Chile Fiesta going on through the weekend.

Wednesday night drinks and appetizers, Friday night dinner, and Saturday morning breakfast will be provided, as well as coffee and tea throughout the retreat at La Fonda. Other meals are on your own.


I have secured a block of rooms at La Fonda on the Plaza. These won’t show as available on their website, so you’ll have to call to get your room. Tell them you’re with the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ and you’ll get the group rate: $159 for a standard room with one queen bed, or $209 for a deluxe room with two beds (if you know someone else who’s attending the retreat you can save money and share a room.)

Go to La Fonda on the Plaza for more information, and call them at 1-800-523-5002 or 505-982-5511 to book your room (you won’t be able to get a room online for our retreat, you’ll have to call.) As of August 20 there were only four rooms left.

LaFonda Hotel Santa Fe5

“When I got the chance to sign up for the Ultimate Writing Retreat, I was very excited. Although I was very hopeful for a fruitful weekend, I didn’t know what to expect. After several writing sessions, talks, meals, critique sessions, and fun experiences, I will tell you what to expect.

“You will explore your talents, and find your strengths as a writer and entrepreneur. The most self-aware person will learn things about themselves, and the most established professional will learn new marketing tactics. (The beginner will learn a tremendous amount without being overwhelmed.)

“Every participant will learn how to strengthen their writing…the Ultimate Writing Retreat was the perfect time away to write, reflect, and invigorate with some great goals and a killer action plan.”

– Jessica M.H. Smith

Ready to turn your writing skills into a very profitable business like Jessica, Ed, Lori, Shawn, Cyndi, and others?

Years from now, you may look back at this moment as your “defining moment.” Step forward and say “yes” here:

Retreat Options

Travel and Transportation Information

Most people will fly into Albuquerque (airport code ABQ). I booked a flight on August 14 from Madison, WI (a very small and normally expensive airport to fly out of) for only $263 round trip. Try the travel sites like Priceline, Kayak, Travelocity, etc., or go to, which doesn’t show up on the budget sites. The advantage of Southwest is two free checked bags, and sometimes cheaper flights, depending on where you’re coming from.

The drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe is 55 miles north or approximately one hour. You may rent a car at the Albuquerque airport. (Car rental is a quick shuttle ride to the rental site and not directly within the terminal.) Take I-25 North to Santa Fe. Be aware there are three exits to Santa Fe. Consult your rental agency or Mapquest for exact directions.

There are also shuttle services from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. If you are staying in the Plaza and do not desire to explore outside of the downtown area, this may be an option to consider.  A car may not be needed. One way trips per person are about $25. Call for exact rates, reservations, and schedules. Shandia Shuttle Express 888-775-5696, ($43 round trip) or Santa Fe Shuttle 888-833-2300 ($38 round trip.)


  • The Plaza, the heart of Santa Fe today as it was in its beginning in 1609, is an easy walk from the Inn. Art galleries, boutiques, and lots of shopping (Santa Fe has been called the “City of Boutiques,” and is also the oldest capital city in the U.S.)
  • Loretto Chapel, the first Gothic structure west of the Mississippi, and home of the famous “Miraculous Staircase” and two mysteries (I’ll fill you in on the story when we get there.)
  • Chalk Farm Gallery, the “jewel in the crown” of art galleries along Canyon Road, featuring renowned artist Vladimir Kush. I’m a big believer in the crossover inspiration of art and writing.
  • El Farol, Santa Fe’s oldest restaurant and cantina, the “Heatbeat of Santa Fe.”

Local Weather

Santa Fe is approximately 7,000 feet above sea level and considered “high desert.” The air is very dry and the sun intense. The highs will be in the 70s, with temperatures cooling off considerably at night, dropping about 30 degrees below day time temperatures. You’ll need a  jacket for cool evenings. Be sure to bring sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, and sunglasses. Drink plenty of water! The elevation affects people differently, so remember to pace yourself.

What to Bring

A laptop or iPad if you have one (free WiFi at La Fonda, of course), a current client project or personal project if you have one (or just an idea or two if you don’t have something you’re working on now), and an open mind and willing spirit! This is going to be fun, inspiring, and productive.

Questions? Email me at or call me directly at 608-848-COPY (608-848-2679).

I look forward to being your host, retreat leader, and tour guide at the Santa Fe Ultimate Writing Retreat™! Thanks for registering.

– Steve